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Spring Sale: May 7 & 8

St. Earth Pottery is a one-man studio located in rural Indiana. I make an ever-changing range of forms, and use a variety of clays, glazes, decorative motifs and firing methods. I make each pot myself -- one at a time -- using traditional craft techniques like throwing on the potter's wheel, shaping with hand tools, decorating with brushes, glazing by hand, and firing in fuel-burning kilns.

I want my pots to be well-crafted and also beautiful; tactile and sensual; interesting and enjoyable to use. Striking a good balance between these qualities is difficult but satisfying; an open-ended quest.

Most of my pots sell directly from my showroom to local customers, and I occasionally sell them online, in retail galleries, and exhibitions. I have two big studio sales per year and my showroom is open year-round by appointment.

I've been making pots for over 20 years and I aim to still be making them decades from now. I hope each one finds a place in someone's home, where it is used and enjoyed in their daily life.


Thanks for visiting,
Scott Cooper

Recent pots

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